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Helen Wilcox Elementary School

Be Respectful - Be Responsible - Be Safe

A Message From Your Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Welcome to the Helen Wilcox Elementary Website! I am thrilled you are taking the time to visit our site and hope that you find it to be informative. The staff is dedicated to providing our students with a safe campus, high academic expectations and a positive learning environment for all.
A "Learning for All" commitment focuses on results, ashared vision and continuous learning. Our district has adopted a Professional Learning Community philosophy. Simply put, PLC has three big ideas: 1. ensures that students learn; 2. by creating a culture of collaboration; 3. that focuses on results.

Four questions that we ask ourselves as educators are:
  • What do we want our students to know? Essential Standards!
  • How will we know if they have learned it? Informal and formal summative assessments!
  • What will we do if they don't learn it? Interventions!
  • What will we do if they have learned it? Enrichments!
We believe that the more the school and family are joined as partners in education, the greater our children's chance for success. Therefore, we value the partnerships we build between home and school and will work hard to maintain them. Our parents and teachers work as partners through shared responsibilities, high expectations and ongoing communication.

Thank you for your interest in Helen Wilcox Elementary. Please come by for a visit!

Heather Scott